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MANOWAR´s influence in the Rock Music industry is undeniable.

During their impressive career they have left their mark in the Heavy Metal genre thanks to a combination of unique craftsmanship and characteristic songwriting. With unrivaled conviction, persistence, and the courage to unflinchingly pursue their own way, the band has weathered even the most unconquerable challenges. In an age of casting show “talents” and flimsy one-hit-wonders this band gives their fans what they love them for: the massive, powerful soundtrack of their lives, songs that celebrate the audacity of the individual and the spirit of the community.

The band has earned numerous gold and platinum awards and completed more than 35 tours headlining venues that have averaged between 10,000 and 50,000 sold-out seats.

Visit www.manowar.com 


(public speaker, motivational speaker, podcaster)

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Joey has what it takes to capture the audience. With his vast experience as a musician, engineer and entrepreneur Joey equally fascinates as a keynote speaker in a business environment, providing inspiring and moving narrative combined with real world experience.

Admired for the loyalty, strength and perseverance that he not only writes about in his songs, but lives by example, Joey reaches into his own history, his triumphs and tribulations, making him a motivational speaker who reaches the audience on a personal level, empowering them with the confidence to strive and achieve greatness.

Whether on the road with his Spoken Word Tour, giving motivational speeches at universities and trade shows or sharing his philosophies in his podcast “Words Of Power – With Joey DeMaio” he captivates his audience with honesty and humor.

Visit www.joeydemaio.com




To many best known as vocalist for rock/metal legends MANOWAR, Eric Adams is celebrated as one of the greatest voices in rock history. Eric’s career started early, he was a successful child performer performing at the World Fair in New York in 1964 and has been hailed for his work as a front man, soloist and duet partner. Eric’s talents far exceed the rock and metal genre. Some of his most celebrated performances include “Nessun Dorma” from the opera Turandot, performed in Italian, “The Phantom Of The Opera” from the eponymous musical hit by Andrew Lloyd-Webber, “An American Trilogy” formerly performed by one of Adam’s favorite artists, Elvis Presley and the ballad “Father” that Adams performed in over 15 languages, including German, Spanish, Japanese, and many others.


(guitarist, composer, arranger)

Bob Piorun

Bob Piorun has performed and taught music in Central New York for over five decades, playing in a wide range of musical settings from solo to big band, country, classical, pop, jazz, and rock. He has performed, among others, with the Syracuse Symphony, world-renowned flutist, James Galway, singer Michael Feinstein and performed with “oldies” groups such as “The Platters”, “The Coasters” and “The Ink Spots”.

Follow Bob Piorun under www.facebook.com/bobpiorun




Dedication to excellence is what separates U.S. metal heroes The Four Horsemen from the ocean of ‘tribute’ bands. The only album-quality Metallica tribute band on the planet, they deliver the unforgettable, note-for-note perfect experience that is guaranteed to surpass even the wildest dreams of Metallica aficionados.
The speed, the precision, the signature riffs and the look – The Four Horsemen are the real deal!

Visit THE FOUR HORSEMEN at www.fourhorses.me 



Imperia band photo

IMPERIA is an atmospheric metal band whose sound is especially evident by the distinguished voice of Helena Iren Michaelsen who sings in a variety of styles from deep emotional feelings to extreme operatic expressions and grunts.

IMPERIA’s music is full of vivacity; it is heavy, bombastic and orchestral, but it also contains elements of pure metal. The band is a true cross-border unit of musicians originating from different countries: Norway, Finland, Germany and Belgium.

Visit IMPERIA at www.imperiaband.com 


(drummer, recording artist, drum instructor)


A force to be reckoned Dave Chedrick embodies the passion and energy of a true rock ‘n roller. Dave masters every genre, but his first love is rock and metal. An accomplished live performer, Dave is also a recording artist and drum instructor.


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